Is There A Difference Between Adipex And Phen?


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Sep 19, 2019
OK I have read threads on “what is the difference…”

When I started, I had Mutuals, MP273s. I had a fluttery chest and some insomnia for the first few days though they subsided. Suppression was great and I had the largest chunk of weight come off under these. Energy level was ok but I waited for the burst of energy. I took it an hour before long runs and that is where I noticed it. Most of the weight/inch loss happened here…I had these 2 months.

Apparently, they ran out in September, so the third month I got KVK Tech’s K25s. Nothing. No suppression, no energy, no side effects, was not impressed. I skipped half the month and felt exactly the same when I didn’t take them. Doc told me she got a ton of complaints about them. Lost half a pound and one inch overall.

Last month I got the Qualitest 5030Vs. Suppression was better, though not as good as the MP273. Energy was meh. Side effects more pronounced. Noticed more headaches, shorter temper (phen rage), weird speedy feeling like when I started the first batch. A few pounds down, more inches. But the side effects made this one not worth it.

This month, I had to burn my FSA up before the year’s end. I told them to fill with Adipex. They gave me K25s, and I took them back and demanded the brand name. I am on day 3, it is like the first week of the MP273. Lots of energy….I was cleaning the dust off my MBR ceiling fan with a small brush…I am not that energetic on a good day lol. Appetite suppression was good though I did still want to eat. Little chest flutter and "I better eat or I get sick" feeling…like when I first started phen. WAY more thirsty than others…I dehydrated badly on my 6 mile run, so will have to carry more water on long ones. Will give a few days to get the holiday eating out of my body before weighing in.

Based on energy alone, Adipex wins hands down. Weight TBD.

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